Guidelines have been prepared for the commercial precinct along Sandown Road as well as for the residential developments.

  • Commercial guidelines outline the façade – the character for the development of the Sandown Commercial Precinct. The purpose of the design guideline is to ensure that the incremental development of the precinct creates a harmonious and functional urban environment along Sandown Road, as part of the Sandown Development. These guidelines have been approved by the City of Cape Town.
  • Residential guidelines have been prepared in the form of architectural controls for the erven zoned Single Residential Zone 1 (SR1). These controls read together with the National Building Regulations and the City’s Integrated Zoning Scheme, all of which apply, will guide the top structure development of homes in Sandown. These guidelines are managed by the developer.
  • Sandown is aimed at establishing opportunities for the security-minded homeowner. The first gated security village “Sagewood” was launched during April 2017. In addition to the gated security village, Sandown will offer monitoring in the residential areas through the provision of cameras at intersections providing access to the development and vehicular patrolling.Together with these security measures, the layout, landscaping and urban character of the Sandown development will reflect this upmarket image.
  • A fibre network will provide the telecommunications network to Sandown that supports not only the latest technology but allows for various services to be carried over the network. This fibre infrastructure will support end-user consumer services and allows for security networks to be connected by means of providing connection to the cameras, contributing to the future-proofing concept to allow for expansion and growth.
  • The high standard of top structure and development has already been set by the Parklands College (Sandown Campus) and it is encouraged that the design of the residential units should follow on with this principle.
  • While the guidelines are not intended to prescribe a certain architectural style, “revivalist” or “period” architectural styles are not permitted. Instead a modern contemporary language in architecture is encouraged.
  • In support of this built form, certain colours and building material are excluded. These are more fully detailed in the colour chart’s palate of suitable colours and the architectural controls.


Sandown Commercial Precinct Urban Design Guidelines  | Download here


Annexure “A” The diagram for Phase 1A – Download
Annexure “A” The diagram for Phase 1B – Download
Annexure “A” The diagram for Phase 1C and 1D – Download
Annexure “B” Plan of the Development – Download
Annexure “C” Single Residential Architectural Controls, the GUIDE  – Download
Annexure “C-1” Diagram recording the residential types  – Download
Annexure “C-2” Colour Chart  – Download page 1 Download page 2
Annexure “C-3” (Clivea Crescent) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Albuca Crescent) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Beechwood Crescent) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Cheesewood Street) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Holly Crescent) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Karree Street) – Download
Annexure “C-3” (Morella Street) – Download
Annexure “C-4” Sandown Plant List – Download
Annexure “D”  Sandown Contractors Conduct Agreement – Download
Approved Diagram Phase 1C – 1 – Download
Approved Diagram Phase 1C – 2 – Download
Contractors Sign – Download
Landscape Master Plan for Phases 1A and 1B – Download
Introductory letter – Design Review Process – Download
Introductory letter – SPOA Management Company – Download
Services – Phase 1C-1 – Download
Services – Phase 1C-4 – Download


CEMP – Rev 1 January 2020 – Download
Letter of Approval – CEMP for top structures – Download


Annexure A – Diagram (Cedar Street Precinct) – Download
Annexure C – Sandown General Residential Design Guideline and Architectural Controls – October 2020 – Download
Annexure F – Stormwater Management Requirements – Download
Annexure G – Landscape Master Plan (Cedar Street Precinct) – Download
Cedar Square Precinct – Draft Services Diagram – Download
Conditions of Approval – 6 September 2018 – Download
Sandown General Residential Design Review Process & Fees – Download